The Prince Consort


Prince Consort of Shirall
Age: 40

Copyright Ella Stradling 2012

Ordel is the quiet strength behind the queen, working tirelessly for her protection. His own past is long forgotten, known only to a very few. Born and raised in the College of the Art, Ordel was prevented from entering study as a novice revealer by the call of Leena.

According to tradition, the queen’s amulet chooses, on the birth of the new princess, a boy to become the next queen’s consort. Originally this boy would become the next bearer of the king’s amulet, Naali, and thus king in Shirall, but the amulet has not been seen for eight centuries. At age ten, Ordel received the irresistible call to travel alone and unaided to Shirall, to begin training as the next queen’s consort.

He settled into his new role and eventually Delsi and Ordel were married and bore a daughter, Nettayna. The first kalkar invasion went badly for the humans and Ordel was forced to lead his family into exile for their own protection, sparking a long period of quiet while the enemy searched for their quarry.

Twelve years later, events lead the family back to Shirall. When Delsi is injured and falls prey to a wasting spell, Ordel is driven to find a solution but is torn between staying with his wife and racing off in an attempt to find the solution himself. He is eventually convinced that his place is at the queen’s side, while his beloved daughter must take on the dangerous task without him.

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