The Lost Princess


Crown Princess of Shirall
Age: 18

Copyright Ella Stradling 2011

Netta is the only child of Queen Delsi and Prince Ordel and the next bearer of the queen’s amulet, Leena. She was born in the palace at Shirall, at which time her mother’s amulet chose the boy who would be the next queen’s consort.

At age six, Netta’s family were chased into exile by a great and terrible enemy. The queen’s sister, Averil became regent of Shirall while the princess and her parents took up a quiet life on a small farm in Martose, far to the north.

For twelve years, the family remained in hiding, keeping apart from society and training their daughter in the arts of queendom. Netta was not enlightened to her true identity and her questions were ignored by her parents.

When Netta was 13, a teenage Miyam came to live in Martose. Both misfits, they soon became fast friends.

Her quiet life was destroyed forever on the day her mother was finally found by the enemy. Accompanied by her friend Miyam, Netta embarks on a dangerous journey with her family to return to their home in Shirall.

Once there Netta learns that her parents’ secret identities are just the beginning. Netta meets her aunt, the regent Averil, her cousin Kandina and the young man who was called to be the next consort. But this new and overwhelming life is about to be threatened. An incurable injury and a terrible enemy sends Netta and her friends on a wild adventure to find the lost king’s amulet, Naali. Can they find the amulet to save the queen, defeat the invaders and bring Shirall its first king in 800 years?

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