Prisoner of Her Past


Former Student of the College
Age: 20

Copyright Ella Stradling 2011

Miyam is the daughter of a talented revealer mother and a merchant father. Born and raised in the College of the Art, the home of the revealers, she followed her mother’s lead and became a novice in the college at age ten.

At age 15, Miyam undertook testing to take the rank of apprentice, and passed at the top of her class. However, before she could assume her new rank and colour, in the ascension ceremony, her mother was killed on duty. Miyam and her 5 year old brother Domyn were forcibly removed from the college by their father.

Settling in to her new life, Miyam meets and becomes friends with Netta, a girl who lives on a nearby farm but seems strangely unsuited to her surroundings. Rumour has it that Netta and her family are fallen nobility.

Five years later, Miyam’s father is killed by a disgruntled customer and her mundane world is thrown into turmoil once again. Sending Domyn back to the college to become a novice, Miyam takes life into her own hands, leaving everything to find… something… but what she finds is like nothing she expected.

With a small group of friends, Miyam embarks on a dangerous quest to find the king’s talisman before it is too late. By her side is Evelar, the powerful and enigmatic revealer, who sparks hope that her one-time dream might yet be made real. As they war with the demon-like kalkar, each of the friends must also struggle with the demons of their past, while Miyam begins to reconcile her shattered life and rediscover her lost destiny.

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