A Study in Angst


Princess of Tellemot and Shirall
Age: 16

Copyright Ella Stradling 2011

Princess Kandina is the daughter of the Regent of Shirall and as such is Princess Nettayna’s cousin. She was born in Tellemot, very early in the unhappy marriage of her mother to the younger son of the king of Tellemot.

When she was four years old, the man she knew as her father was killed in battle. That same conflict also led to the exile of Queen Delsi of Shirall and her immediate family. As the only living relative of the queen and no longer tied to Tellemot Kandi’s mother, Princess Averil, became regent in Shirall.

From that time forward, Kandi was raised in relative isolation within the confines of the underground palace at Shirall. She grew up playing in the garden cleverly constructed within a large cavern connected to the tunnels where the royal household had hidden themselves during and following the first kalkar war, while the destroyed above-ground palace fell into ruin.

She takes an interest in the palace library and spends much of her time there, except for the times when the young Prince Atwin of Drasmil is in residence. Lonely for company she forms an unrequited attachment to the future king of Drasmil and Shirall. In her mind, she will one day be his wife.

When her beautiful cousin finally returns from exile, Kandi grasps at the new friendship eagerly, until it becomes clear that “her” prince has fallen for the returned Princess. Despite the fact that her cousin and the prince are predestined to be wed, Kandi is convinced that she can separate them and regain Atwin’s affection. Blinded by her own disappointed desires, the princess is unaware of the young man who waits in the wings, ready to give her all that she wants, if she would just see him there.

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