The Almost Hero


The Artisan Revealer
Age: 26

Copyright Ella Stradling 2011

Evelar is the best revealer the world has ever known. He is the strong silent type, hiding a big bruised heart behind the revealer’s mask.

Evelar was born in the tent city of the desert nomads who live in the Barren Wastes between the Diagon Mountains and the Heights. He and his twin sister, Seiliar, discovered their psychic power as children and liked nothing better than to play tricks on each other. One day when they were 9 years old a lone revealer came across them in the midst of one of their mind games and was impressed with their power.

The revealer told the children all about the College of the Art, where from the age of ten they could learn to use their power for covert intelligence and become members of the elite society of the revealers. From that day on, the twins eagerly awaited the day when they could travel to the college as supplicants and be admitted into the ranks of the novices. Despite the protestations of their father, the twins would not give up their dream and entered the college at age ten.

Both breezed through the ten years compulsory training, five years as novices and five as apprentices, and passed into the ranks of the journeyers, where further progress would be measured by skill alone. At age 20 Evelar took on the name Sand and undertook his first mission under the tutelage of an artisan known in the college by the name of Mist. Though Sand and Miyam did not meet at this time, this artisan was Miyam’s mother. The mission was an unqualified success, but Mist was killed in battle and Sand was required to return her body to the college.

Torn by feelings of guilt and inadequacy, Sand requested dismissal from the college, but in her journal Mist had praised him for his skill and suggested he was ready to test for the rank of master four years early. Her faith in him and his own lingering doubts led Sand to make a personal pledge, to become the best revealer he could possibly be, so that he would never again be the cause (as he thought) of another revealer’s death.

This determination to succeed led to Sand rising to the rank of artisan in five short years, becoming the youngest ever to reach that rank at ten years early.

Now, employed by the regent of Shirall, Evelar embarks on the quest to find the king’s amulet. He meets and falls in love with Miyam and eventually helps her return to her lost life in the college. But Evelar is unaware of his own great destiny, hovering in the near future.

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