The Queen in Exile


Queen of Shirall
Age: 37

Copyright Ella Stradling 2012

Delsi was born in the old palace at Shirall, eldest of two daughters, and is the current bearer of the queen’s amulet, Leena. Twelve years ago, the first Kalkar invasion saw the palace destroyed and the queen sent into protective hiding with her husband Ordel and her daughter Nettayna.

Since then they have lived on a small farm in Martose, far to the north. There they stayed apart from society, keeping a quiet, unobtrusive life, leading to many rumours about their identity. The only visitor to their small home is Miyam, who has become friends with Netta.

Raising their only child in this secluded environment, they attempt to give her the culture needed to take on her predestined role as the next bearer of the amulet and, in time, as queen. Netta took this instruction with grace and many unanswered questions, kept unaware of her royal blood.

When the kalkar unexpectedly discover their location, Netta’s questions are suddenly answered and Delsi is forced to reveal her secret identity. Delsi makes the decision to return home to Shirall.

Joined by Netta’s friend, Miyam, the family begin the perilous journey south, pursued relentlessly by the firey enemy. But what seems a straight forward, if dangerous, homecoming turns into something much more sinister as Delsi is taken ill and the only cure is the lost king’s amulet, Naali.

As Delsi lies dying, Netta and a small group of friends must begin a quest, following a string of uncertain clues with the enemy hot on their trail, to find the amulet before it is too late.

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