The Princess Regent


Princess Regent of Shirall
Age: 35

Copyright Ella Stradling 2011

Averil is the younger sister of Queen Delsi and the ruler of Shirall while the queen is in exile. She has successfully ruled for twelve years, since the last kalkar war when the queen was forced into hiding.

Averil is a strong woman who hides herself well, showing only the persona of the confident regent. Her serene expression hides a sad past that remains hidden, but begins to show in book two.

Eighteen years ago, Averil was very young and very much in love with one young man while betrothed to another. But a disaster in her beloved’s family sent him away and she was forced by necessity to marry. She gave birth to a daughter, Kandina, now sixteen and full of pride and teenage angst.

Twelve years ago the kalkar invaded, throwing Averil’s world into turmoil. That war left her without husband or family with a young child, a widow and regent in a country she was never meant to rule.

Averil rose to her task and became a respected member of the Council of Kings, leading their conferences with poise and purpose. Ten years ago she accepted the young Prince Atwin into her home as ward of Shirall, training him for the dual kingship destiny would hand him.

Now, with the queen returned and the princess proclaimed, Averil can begin to entertain thoughts of her own happiness. Her old love is alive and still unmarried. Perhaps her life will soon be her own.

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