The Troubled Prince


Crown Prince of Drasmil
Age: 21

Copyright Ella Stradling 2011

Atwin is the much maligned Crown Prince of Drasmil, eldest son of King Gerard and defacto ruler of his country. Many years ago, Atwin’s father was captured and tortured by the kalkar and since that time the king has been stricken by a madness that makes him believe his son is a traitor. Atwin’s younger brother Calib works tirelessly behind the scenes to keep him firmly in the line of succession, against the king’s desire to remove him.

At age ten, Atwin received the psychic call of Leena, which pulled him inescapably to Shirall, to take up his predestined role as the next queen’s consort. At the time, the royal family was in exile, the princess far away, so they never met, but Averil respected the tradition of the land and took Atwin as ward of the crown.

Now, Atwin spends most of his time in Shirall, receiving his tutelage under the motherly wing of Averil, Regent of Shirall. Atwin is well respected by the other rulers of Sharne and they speak of him with honour and pride, waiting patiently for the day when Atwin will take his father’s place at last.

When Shirall’s royal family finally returns Atwin meets his future bride. Destined to be the next bearer of Naali, the king’s amulet, Atwin joins the quest to find that magical object and save the life of the queen. In so doing, he is set to become Shirall’s first king in over 800 years. It remains to be seen whether he will vanquish his father’s demons and take his rightful place on the throne of Drasmil.

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