Website Mayhem!

It’s amazing how much you learn when you try to build your own website. Especially when you are relying on user unfriendly hosting packages, each of which have their own interfaces and programming rules. Then, just when you think you have everything sorted, the rules change again, or you find something you need to include that needs a specific plugin that may or may not mess up all the work you’ve already done…

And that’s before you even think about the content.

So you’ve got your domain name and the page all set up, it looks wonderful, all the pictures are uploaded, articles written, information all dutifully created. Now, what do you write on the blog page? You see blogs full of funny, witty, eagerly watched for content and think what can I offer? And when can I do it? With all the social media and advertising and pure surfing pleasure to be fitted into the brief internet window we squeeze into our daily lives of work, house, kids and other non-computer related stuff who has time to blog?

But you have to do it, right?

So… domain name bought… check… website set up… check… content uploaded… check… blog started… check… everything all ready and running smoothly… che…

Hang on… the theme needs updating! All that hard work wiped in a single click of the mouse – all those beautiful modifications have to be done all over again… Noooo!!

2 thoughts on “Website Mayhem!”

  1. Hi, Ella ~ You have a very attractive and engaging website. I like yours much better than mine, which is hosted by GoDaddy, which seems to have changed the web managing procedures every time I want to change something. I end up having to call their support team, which is always courteous and helpful, but should be unnecessary if the site is truly user-friendly.

    1. Thanks Mathew! This site is hosted by 1&1 but is based on a wordpress theme (much altered by me). My tech guru did a lot of research before we settled on this combination, and we are happy so far. The biggest hurdle has been learning css code to make the modifications, and I don’t dare update the theme or I would have to modify all over again. I’m glad you like it. 🙂

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