Revealing Rexa

Book one of The Race of Fire.

Legend tells of a great King who used a magical charm to vanquish a terrible foe. Now the magic is lost and the ancient enemy is back. A pair of amulets, carrying the immortal souls of King Rexa and his beloved Queen, must be reunited.

Years ago, Miyam was forced to leave the life she loved as a revealer in training. Now her quiet life is turned upside down once again. When Miyam embarks on a dangerous journey to help Princess Netta find the king’s talisman, her fate becomes entwined with the revealers once again.

A dark horde stands sizzling in the sunlight and travels by night, burning everything in its path. A small group of friends strive to save the queen and defeat the enemy. And along the way Miyam begins a personal journey to reconcile her shattered life and rediscover her lost destiny.

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  1. A manuscript version of Revealing Rexa, which included the second half of the story now published under the title Awakening Sand, was a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2011, reaching the top 1% of the competition (top 50 out of 5,000). Below is the review it received from Publishers Weekly.

    From Publishers Weekly:

    For a time, the people lived under the tyranny of darkness until the aptly named Rexa emerges to save his people. Rexa crafts an impenetrable bond between two amulets with which he throws off the oppressive cloak of darkness and brings his people again to peace and hope. In the first amulet, Leena, he embeds his wife’s spirit and in the other, Naali, his own. Though Naali is lost, the two will seek to be rejoined, for it is together that they will hold their greatest power. It is against the backdrop of Rexa’s ancient tale, in a time when the darkness is gathering for a return, that this beautifully-crafted epic fantasy plays out.

    Fate brings together Evelar, a gifted Revealer (respected intelligence gatherer with magical abilities), and Miyam (a young woman who also has certain powers). Each is separately invested in the life of an exiled royal family who harbors the amulet Leena. When this family is ferreted out of their hiding place by the Kalkar (dark creatures fueled by fire), they return to their kingdom of Shirall. As the narrative progresses, Evelar’s powers grow as does the bond between he and Miyam. Their fate becomes inextricably intertwined with that of the ruling family of Shirall, the many details of which unfold as the well-drawn characters struggle together through love, illness, death, birth and a compelling, culminating battle scene.

    Revealing Rexa far exceeds the expectations of its somewhat humdrum title. The tale is well-constructed and while it culls just enough from its fantastical forebears to feel comfortingly familiar, it more than stands on its own both as a fantastical journey and as a love story. Its superb pacing and compelling characters will keep readers engaged to the not unexpected, but nevertheless tender, last page.

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