Rekindling Truth

The next thrilling adventure in The Race of Fire, out now!

Evelar, known as Sand, is the Awakener. Legend says the Awakener will bring truth to the world, but what is that truth and what is he supposed to do with it?

As Sand begins his predestined task the minds of those around him seem to fill his head. But underneath it all is another voice, carrying the long dead memories of a forgotten past.

Where are these memories coming from and what do they have to do with the strange amulet that belonged to his sister, an amulet so like those warn by the king and queen of Shirall?

As Sand’s new memories bring to light the ancient history of the people who settled this world, our friends must embark on a new quest, to find and neutralise the great spirit who nearly destroyed them all.

Sand is about to discover that the truth is more amazing than he ever dreamed.


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