Author’s Omnibus

The Race of Fire Author’s Omnibus Edition.

Revealing Rexa and Awakening Sand in one volume as the author intended. Originally these two books were included together in one manuscript, which reached the semi-finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2011, placing in the top 1% of the competition. The edited version became two complete novels with the series title Secrets of the Revealers. Now they are together again in this Author’s Omnibus edition, with the new series title The Race of Fire.

Revealing Rexa

Five years ago, Miyam was dragged away from the life she loved, as a revealer in training, to live with a father she hardly knew. When her father is murdered, her mundane world is thrown into turmoil once again. A dark horde stands sizzling in the sunlight and travels by night, burning everything in its path. The queen lies dying and a pair of amulets must be reunited. The fate of the free world is in jeopardy and the blazing sky shall herald their coming.

Awakening Sand

The immortal soul of King Rexa is reunited with his beloved queen. But now the princess is kidnapped and the battle begins again. A darker, more malevolent force is in control and the free world is set to burn. In a world ravaged by war, prophesy says the Awakener will come. Sand must risk everything to take the battle to the next level. But who is the mysterious Leader, who holds the invading enemy in thrall?


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