The Temple Beautiful

I call this a historical fantasy romance. The story is set in my version of Atlantis, which as everyone would agree is both historical and mythical (hence fantasy).

This story began many years ago when I became interested in the mediumistic writings of Edgar Cayce. His descriptions of Atlantis became the inspiration for the world in which this story takes place.

It is a world of sophisticated worship versus decadence and untamed humanity. It is a land of mysterious crystal technology and psychic power, striving to survive in a wider stone age world.

It follows the life journey of Ixtila (yes, that is where my forum name comes from), who is a priestess in training in the temple of the law of One. As she grows into her role, Ixtila resists the pull of love, but some things are not meant to be denied.

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2 thoughts on “The Temple Beautiful”

  1. An update is needed here. This story has unfortunately been put on hold for a while. The story is all mapped out and half written, but the world needs more work. This one was taking a much too mushy path, very heavy on the steamy romance without much substance. I know some people like that but I need more in my stories and I suspect my readers do too. It’s not on hold for ever, just for now.

  2. Time for an update! The Temple Beautiful has now been re-mapped and the story is in planning for later this year, to be written into a full-length novel. I am very excited about this development and am looking forward to getting stuck into it!

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