The Druid’s Kiss

This book is set at the end of the bronze age on the Isle of Leodhas (Lewis) in the Outer Hebrides, at a time when the bronze based economy of Europe was collapsing in the wake of a dramatic climate shift. In the isolated world of the north, these pressures are felt even more harshly as the people struggle to make sense of their changing world.

Fordric is a mage, a medical magician, trained in the mysteries and serving his village as healer and cleric. He has spent years working in his impressive broch, earning the respect of the community and building his fortune in the bronze currency that is now worthless.

Anaya is a young woman who dreams of finding her one true love, her kelloree. Forced out of their ancestral lands by flooding, Anaya and her family make a new home closer to the coast, where she meets Fordric and the winds of change begin to blow.

Currently, this book is available as a short story and can be purchased on kindle. The novel-length version is in planning to be completed when time allows.


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