The Curse of Mycenae

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Klytemestra has good reason to hate her husband. The great Agamemnon, who killed her first husband and newborn son and dragged her off to Mycenae to be his queen.

When Klytie’s sister Helene runs off with Paris to far off Troy, Agamemnon begins a years long campaign against the country that harbors the lovers. But when his own hubris brings down the anger of the goddess Artemis, stranding the fleet at Aulis, he appeases her with a horrifying human sacrifice – their eldest daughter Iphigenia – for fair winds to blow the Greek army to war.

Ten years he is gone, leaving his wife abandoned and alone to run the kingdom, her hatred settling as a black cloud over her heart. Finally she accepts the advances of Aegisthus, her husband’s cousin and true heir to the usurped crown Agamemnon wears, who seeks his own revenge on the king.

When they learn that the king is on his way home, their perilous position becomes clear. Klytie’s adultery gives Agamemnon the right to kill her and her fear drives her lover to extreme lengths. When the king appears with his own mistress, the war prize Cassandra, it is the final straw in a long list of evils. But is any of it enough to justify murder?

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5 thoughts on “The Curse of Mycenae”

  1. This story is closely based on the Greek myths beginning with Homer and his contemporaries and fleshed out by the later Greek playwrites Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophocles. I’m having a lot of fun with this one. Every scene requires a lot of research to get it right though. It promises to be an interesting story about the people who stayed at home when the Greeks went off to war with Troy, with an unexpected new perspective on the great Agamemnon and his much maligned deserted wife!

    1. Did you know that Greek plays were almost awalys presented as trilogies and this is the only surviving trilogy we have? (The Oedipus plays were not written as a trilogy but were parts of other trilogies.)The Orestia is among my favorite Greek literature. I believe The Eumenides is Aeschylus’ way of explaining the change from eye-for-an-eye justice to trial by jury. It is a really important piece of literature. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

  2. This book is really taking on a life of its own. The research is sorting itself into a very compelling story. I am enjoying knitting the known events together into a cohesive story. The tricky (and fun) part is working out how the characters get to each landmark event. There will be some creative speculation for some of them, but all such inventions are extrapolated from what we actually know from the sources.

    This story follows Klytemestra, the wife of Agamemnon, but her life story is peppered with the tragic history of the royal house of Mycenae, thought to have been cursed in the time of Agamemnon’s grandfather, a curse first triggered in the time of Atreus, Agamemnon’s father. It is for this reason the book is called “The Curse of Atreus”, a phrase first used in the ancient Greek sources.

  3. I have been privileged to hear readings of the story so far, this is going to be a gripping book. For those who know little of ancient Greek history it will be a compelling historical romance. For those who are well read in ancient Greek history it presents the story of Klytemestra in a new light, fully researched and based strongly on the sources. Not a re-telling of the story of the Trojan war, but of players off stage, letting us get to know more of those interesting but less known characters and of events in their lives.
    I look forward to seeing The Curse Of Atreus in print, it will be on my must buy list.

  4. The Curse of Atreus is complete! The first beta readers are making notes, the developmental edit is about to begin. I must say this has been a wonderful experience, first writing something other than fantasy, second returning to my old love (classics) and remembering those uni lectures… and third, discovering that I am not a one trick pony, that I can write more novels, and all those stories in my head just might come out one day. 🙂

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