Crystal Runes

Rediscover the magic of runestones.

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Take a look at this new interpretation, based on the oldest known description of the futhark, with new English names chosen to reflect the original words and their meanings. Each rune is paired with a precious stone selected specifically to enhance the power of your readings.

From the introduction:

I first came across the Viking runes some twenty years ago, and quickly became enamoured of them. But, like many beginners, I never explored past the one interpretation supplied with my commercially bought set. So it was that years passed before I realised the meanings I had grown so accustomed to might not be particularly accurate. This is not to say they were any less relevant, but they were one person’s well-considered interpretation. The author of that set had their own personal reasons for creating that particular text.

I wanted to return to the original meanings, approaching it as an academic study, to discover the runes in their purest form. I wanted to return to the source, without being overshadowed by so many other people’s ideas. In short, I wanted my own set, following the original rules, which would be taken directly from the very earliest runic texts.
Little did I realise that my quest would take me five years, and that only after authoring five novels would I be ready to begin writing my personal interpretation of the Anglo-Saxon (not Viking) runes.



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