Meet Ella

I was born on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia in 1971. Ella Stradling is a pseudonym derived from two sources: the name Ella was given by my father in honour of his favourite singer, Ella Fitzgerald; Stradling comes from a legend about a girl who was the last of her line who married into the family.

The fantasy world of the Revealers has been with me for most of my adult life. The first tentative scenes were written down as a young teenager. I graduated from University as Bachelor of Arts with Honours in 1994. The first draft was complete by the end of 1996. The novel went through several edits until by 2001 life took over and the book was put on a shelf.

Ten years later, I stumbled across the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award via a post on Facebook. There is a certain satisfaction in coming back to a book after such a long time. I was able to improve on the lives and loves of my characters in ways that I would never have been courageous enough to do when I was younger.

A manuscript comprising the first two novels was a semi-finalist in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, placing in the top 1% of the competition. This has now been split and expanded to become two separate full length novels.

My first novel, a fantasy titled “Revealing Rexa”, and its sequel “Awakening Sand”, are now available in paperback and on kindle. Other works in progress include a third book called “Rekindling Truth” and a prequel with the working title “The Song of Rexa”. Work has also begun on an unrelated series of historical fiction stories titled “The Life Diaries”, with the first two in progress now.